Each person has the right, and
frequently the need, to develop and
express their own opinion.  So many
people, with a political agenda that
opposes your opinion, will try to stifle
your opinion and suppress your
freedom of speech.  We have seen
this in 2016 with a number of liberal
"Global Warming" advocates declaring
that anyone with an opposing view can
be prosecuted.

The question must be asked, why do
you have the opinion you are
expressing?  If you can document your
position and draw logical conclusions,
that is all one can ask from an
informed opinion.  The only other
concern is whether those that read
your opinion will give your opinion a
serious consideration or simply declare
your opinion to be invalid because you
do not agree with their position?


In case you are wondering, the topics
that are discussed are selected
because they seem to be important
topics of the day.  

Hopefully, you have your own opinion
on the topic and can read through the
concept with your own understanding
of the issue.  If your opinion is simply a
copy of the babble provided by talking
heads then you will be disappointed.  
Often, the opinions offered by talking
heads are carefully crafted comments,
using information taken out of context
or distorted for political impact.

As the editor, the right is reserved to
only pay attention to those comments
and opinions of others that are
flattering but the right is also reserved
to duplicate comments that are
derogatory simply for the purpose of
being negative.

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Since this web page is all about giving an opinion, it has branched out to a self help discussion on financial management for the beginner or, really, anyone.  It is called 'Managing the Price of Life' and is made up of topics.