Black Lives Matter

We are in a time of social change but the question is why?  The most important issue is that the people that are demanding change do not want to work for the change, they want it handed to them, don't make us implement the needed changes to get the results we want, instead perform an Obama miracle where he can buy success for everyone.


Consider the concept of Black Lives Matter and ask the question: Matter to WHOM?  Shouldn't Black Lives be most important to BLACKS?  But they aren't.  Black lives matter less to blacks than every other social group and this is proven in the black on black violence.  While the level of crime perpetuated by blacks is higher, as a percentage of the population, the level of black on black violence is staggering but how is anyone else supposed to care about Black Lives when he news is constantly telling us that blacks don't care about themselves.


Ever heard someone that is Black complain that they are automatically viewed as lower class citizens or with apprehension?  Perhaps these same people have failed to pay attention to the world around them and the reporting of the media.  What we hear all the time is the criminal nature of blacks, the violent nature of blacks, the random killing of by standers.  Daily, everyone is subjected to this portrait of hatred from blacks or consider how blacks are portrayed in movies.  


Whether they like it or not, blacks are portrayed realistically and this develops the impression that everyone has regarding blacks.  The police that MUST constantly respond to abuse or crimes of blacks only have one image of blacks - what they see and hear when they respond to an altercation.  This is the problem with every segment of society, the impression the police and public have of each segment of society is based on the knowledge and reporting that is done on the other segments.  Consider the news stories in the last week that involved violence and break these down by society.


The issue is that just by looking at someone, there is no way to know if this is a wealthy successful person or a drug dealer with lots of money or a regular worker that is in hock for this wonderful ride he has.  So the first impression everyone starts with is the color and then you step down the classifications by steps.  When a police officer pulls someone over and all he sees is a black person, he is reflecting on the last time he was involved in a black altercation and how many of these altercations result in violence.  When the officer see a Hispanic then he draws a conclusion as to legal versus illegal versus drug involvement.  When the officer sees a white person, frequently the status of the person is judged and the reaction is accordingly.  


So.what are the demands of "Black Lives Matter"?  Do you think you can get a straight answer or will it be just a bunch of run around and wishful thinking.  I have never heard a Black Leader declare that in two years, every black student in school will be on the honor roll.  Why not, simple, that would require effort.  Obama once talked about providing blacks with successful businesses - by buying a business and turning it over to a black.  It is apparent that Obama never actually worked or managed a business or he would understand that success is not a given just because someone has a title like Business Owner or Business President.  Consider the economic recovery package that claimed to have caused the recovery but the problem was that the number of actual jobs generated by the program was nothing and the money was spent helping local governments keep their public unions employed.


The next step is simple for the leaders of Black Lives Matter: 1) declare that Black on Black crime will be controlled, 2) declare that Black youth will attend and complete the primary education system, 3) declare that every Black looking for a job will be provided with the proper trade education.  In terms of restituion, this topic needs to be dropped because none of the current population was actually a slave and every black since the Civil War had the opportunity to succeed and there are too many blacks that have succeeded