Anti gun advocates constantly prove that stupidity is a goal instead of something to be avoided.  These people never come up with an intelligent solution other than get rid of all guns.  The problem is that they have never come up with an answer for:

                                                              "If you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns".


This is the single biggest mistake of anti-gun advocates, they have never addressed this single issue.  They seem to get lost on everything else except resolving this issue.   What is known in New York or Chicago or L.A. is that there are a significant number of guns illegally held by people that are not permitted to carry a gun or have failed to pass the restrictions on purchasing a gun.  So the question coimes back to the agenda of the anti-gun activists - is the goal to deprive law abiding citizens of their Constituionally protected rights of gun ownership or to remove the guns that would likely be used in a criminal activity?  It all comes down to picking the low hanging fruit of going after the law abiding people because they are law abiding or perhaps there is an ulterior motive - the anti-gun advocates are actually a front for criminals and their goal is to get the legal guns off the streets so only the outlaws will have guns.  If you have a choice, which sounds more likely?


Has anyone heard a group of anti-gun advocates appeal for the police to make a concerted effort to reomve the illegal guns from the streets?  Of course, not because the anti-gun groups probably get their funding from the same criminal organizations that run the gangs and criminal activity.  Think back - for a while the Mayor of New York permitted Stop & Frisk on the streets of New York to find illegal guns and get them off the streets.  Now, let's be very clear - these were illegal guns, guns being carried by someone that was not permitted to own or carry a gun.  In other words, the person carrying the gun was breaking the law.  Now, why was it that the liberal organizations filed lawsuits against New York to stop this collection of illegal guns?


So, back to the main point, why do liberal anti-gun groups target legal law abiding gun owners?  Once again, it is a matter of CONTROL, TAKING YOUR RIGHTS and making you do what they want - BECAUSE THEY CAN.  These groups know that the law abiding people won't round them up and have a shooting gallery because the people being oppressed are law abiding - not criminals.  But these scared cowards won't go after the people that make society dangerous by using unregistered illegal guns because these ouwlaws don't mind getting rid of trouble makers.  


So, are these anti-gun advocates spewing their hatred in an attempt to make society safer or not?  If not, why not?  This is always the issue that must be resolved - where is the political pressure to eliminate the illegal guns as compared to eliminating the ownership of legal guns.  It would seem to an intelligent logical person that the first step would be the elimination of the criminal guns before trying to restrict the rights of the people that obey the laws.  If anyone has an answer, please make it known because it appears that the answer is more about people that think they are right and do not want to allow anyone else to have rights.  Consider it, this is the normal liberal approach to anything - we know what is best and DEMAND that you follow our declarations COMRADE.  Does this remind you of the declaration by Obama that "I have a pen and a phone"?  Of perhaps Hillary Clinton with her claims that everyone that opposes her are a "basket of deplorables”?  in other words, there is no longer any desire by liberals to RATIONALLY DISCUSS a topic and reach a viable solution, either do as I say or you are deplorable.


See, the entire issue with guns is the same as every other issue with liberals - what about Climate Change or illegal immigration or the fact that high school graduates today are not as educated as in the years past even though we have teacher unions (an entirely separate discussion).  If you want a solution, then find someone else to resolve the problem because liberals will simply yell and denigrate everyone that does not agree with them or they will make up lies and spread false statements to justify their claims.

From this comment you should be able to figure out the primary difference between a liberal and a conservative, liberals do not accept the concept of personal responsibility, no one is responsible for their actions because they do whatever they do as a result of social or peer pressures.  However, this is getting away from the topic at hand - guns.  This failure to apply personal responsibility provides the means to make excuses for the use of a gun by a criminal and not hold the criminal responsible and then punish him.  

Liberals are unable to resolve the gun problem because they are incapable of holding criminals responsible for crimes committed with illegal guns so the only option they have is to denounce the ownership of guns by both the criminals and the law abiding citizens.  In other words, liberals believe that they have the right interfere with the rights of law abiding citizens who do not agree with their agenda or position on guns.

What it boils down to is the position on everything by liberals, they don't care about the rights or opinions of anyone else that opposes their position. They will lie and distort the truth to support their agenda and they will denigrate anyone that has an opposing view.  Most important, if you ask a liberal why they have a position, they will start by attacking your character and then start an endless stream of blather that has no bearing on the topic but generally supports the liberal agenda.  Just a clue, do not expect to have an intelligent rational on-topic debate with a liberal.