Liberal Contortions

There are various positions taken by liberals that seem out of step, the problem is that they must take both positions because that is the claims they make.  These are the contortions, when two positions appear to reflect contradictory positions.  

The greatest failing in liberal positions is the lack of thought that is put into each position.  Liberals can't look below the surface because that requires thought instead of just grabbing what is handy and running out to protest.  

One of the biggest issues is the stupidity of "taxing the wealthy".  Liberals love this concept because it appears to promise massive payouts without any contribution by the recipients.  Here's the problem, taxing the wealthy requires that the wealthy declare income that can be taxed.  Liberals only see the surface, the shiny bauble that is floating in front of them without any thinking beyond the shine.  The smart people that have wealth understand how they get and keep wealth and the secret is that you don't give it away when you can protect it.  People with wealth can control the timing of the income that is subject to taxation by shifting the income or delaying the timing, both of which are PERFECTLY LEGAL.  France tried the same ignorant approach and the wealthy ended up selling their mansions and leaving the country taking their wealth with them, removing the tax base from the greedy hands of the liberals.

As noted earlier, the biggest problem for liberals is the failure to look beyond the surface consider all of the other aspects of the positions.  One of the standard bearers for liberals is the concept of abortion.  Women deserve the right to make decisions for their own bodies, which is true but applied at the wrong time.  Abortion means that a woman failed to make the smart decisions in advance for her body, but instead wants to solve a failed smart decision that resulted in a poorly planned decision.  In order words, when a woman fails to provide the needed birth control options then she should refrain from sexual intercourse but a poorly planned decision means that the woman can't make smart decisions on her own.  And these same people want the right to make important decisions, they need guidance before murdering an unprotected life.

In the same breath, these liberals want to provide open borders to everyone else in the world so that these people can grow and achieve, fulfill their dreams and destinies.  Liberals seek to give immigrants from other countries, immigrants that are undesired by the leadership in their own country, the opportunity that is reserved for citizens of this country, you know, people born here.

Can you see how these two positions are diametrically opposed?  Liberals want to provide non-citizens with opportunities that should be reserved for citizens or those people that have been selected and accepted by the laws to be given a preliminary path to citizenship.  On the flip side, the sperm and egg of citizens have come together to form a fetus promising a unique, never before seen citizen.  However, a woman that is not smart enough to keep from getting pregnant wants the right to make a decision to murder a human being.

Liberals want to provide those without basis with an opportunity whereas they want to murder a citizen before that fetus has been born.  Liberals espouse the right for everyone, whether citizens or not, to be provided with an opportunity to fulfill their destiny or achieve their ambitions, but those same liberals want the right to murder a citizen because they have proven that they are not smart enough to manage their own body.