The Eternal Soul - Part 2



Every time anyone presents the concept of Big Bang and Evolution, there is only one question that can’t be resolved.  Assume that the somehow amino acids were created, and these amino acids combine and presto, an amoeba is formed, life has begun.  However, there is a problem.

For life to continue, it requires very few needs, food being one of the most important.  Now consider, if this is the first life, then there are no other organic materials for this simple life to use as a food source because no other life exists at the same time.  All carbon-based life forms, including the amoeba, create energy by ‘burning’ (oxidizing) organic material, using oxygen to create carbon dioxide.  The first life form would not be capable of converting CO2 into starches with all of the sunlight because of the need for chlorophyll which surely was not part of the amino acids and simple DNA structure.  So, how did the first life form survive?

While it is easy to accept the concept of evolution, the first of each species both plant and animal did not happen by accident.  The species of all life forms are based on unique DNA which defines the species.  The concept that DNA can generate randomly, to create the DNA for an amoeba species is impossible.  Man, with all the technology available has never been able to recreate the first spark of life, under the same conditions that are in place after the Big Bang.  Then, on top of all of that, it is proposed that the DNA of the amoeba evolved over time, not into a single big cell or a single species but instead into every single plant, animal, insect, reptile, fish or bird.

The Big Bang may have created the opportunity for the formation of Earth and all the pretty pictures show how it happened, however, how did it start without any organic materials?  When we consider the world today and provide options of that first fish coming out of the ocean, that possibility does not exist because there was no organic material in the water and none on the land.

Here is an interesting concept, living creatures ranging from the smallest single cell bacteria to the largest animal on the planet, must have organic materials to exist.  Of course, plants have developed photosynthesis (another function in the plant capability) that is beyond the ability of man to duplicate.  While those that refuse to recognize a Supreme Being, there is no other explanation for the circle of life.

There is always the possibility that was presented in the books “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” where a manufacturing company built a fully formed Earth to replace the one that was destroyed by accident.  In this scenario, there was no fish crawling out of the water.  But this scenario explains how the Earth came to be, a fun read.  

Plants exist because of the CO2 in the atmosphere and without the CO2 the plants could not survive because this is the primary component in the creation of starches.  CO2 is created by animals (just breathing) and the burning of dead plants.  Animals exist thanks to the output of plants, creating CO2 in the process, which plants use to create starches that animals can’t create.  Round and round we go and it could not have happened unless life existed to create the first organic compounds.

Let’s draw a conclusion, for life to burst forth spontaneously, organic material must exist.  So, what are the options: 1) it can’t happen, 2) organic material existed prior to the moment that life burst forth MEANING there was existing life before the life burst forth.  So, where did this organic material come from?  



The physical world around us is filled with surprises.  Did it start with Newton and the dropping of an apple allowing a single mind to visualize gravity?  Imagine, the human eye of one man watched the same action that had been seen millions of times in the past and yet this once, the mind captured that moment and all the implications.  Gravity was the single most influential natural force on Earth, at that moment in time, and no one had stopped to consider what caused that apple to fall from the tree until the mind of one man captured the moment and sketched out the implications and the ramifications.  

Newton was only one in a long line of humans that observed, documented and drew conclusions which changed the course of human understanding of the universe.  Galileo observed that, contrary to the religious doctrine of the time, the Earth was not the center of universe and proved that the Sun was the center of the Solar System with the Earth being a supporting character in the drama of the universe.  However, this discovery had ramifications well beyond the order of the planets orbiting the Sun, this discovery displaced humans as the center of all creation.  It had been easy to believe that Man, God's creation, was the center of the universe for anyone that did not have greater knowledge than wishful thinking.  

Don't forget about the contributions of a woman, Marie Curie, in the discovery of invisible fingers of death in the discovery of radiation, proving that there were those things that we could not see and could not control.  The discovery of radiation lead to her death due to the damage of radiation poisoning but this discovery opened new avenues of discovery, branching from the understanding of the stars to the smallest particles of matter.

There are thousands of other discoveries or theories that changed the course of man, one small step at a time and each discovery is a steppingstone for the next discovery.  All the previous discoveries lead to a clerk in a patent office to begin exploring the theory of relativity, leading from the theoretical vision of the composition of matter to the development of the most destructive weapon ever devised.  Surprisingly, this step to the discovery of destruction lead to even greater discoveries of the make-up of the universe.  However, the course of the future discoveries starts not with the observation of a physical action but instead in the visualization in the mind by starting with a question.  We have learned enough to begin asking questions that can't be answered with physical verification but instead are proven based on mathematics, formulas and equations.  So much of the understanding of the physics of the universe are based on 'faith' in mathematics.

If we can believe in mathematics, are there other concepts that exist but, at this time, cannot be proven with mathematics?  Stephen Hawkings, a mind that can visualize a world beyond the scope of most men, has provided a physics theory of the structure of the universe and having difficulty understanding the theory is normal for everyone else.  However, one of the concepts proposed is that the universe extends far beyond the limits of the senses of man.

Man has five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.  Using these senses, man can classify and recognize the world around him.  There is another impact on our world that is outside of the reach of the five senses - time.  The five physical senses allow man to exist in a world comprised of three dimensions: height, width and depth.  Now if we throw in 'time', then there is a fourth dimension because of the nature of time.

It has been hypothesized that time is a dimension all its own and each moment of time creates a new timeline exploring all of the optional choices that can be made.  This was developed in a Star Trek - Next Generation episode in which the Enterprise from multiple timelines came together to solve the crisis in the timeline, keeping the universe from imploding.  Each person has their own opinion of the likelihood of this scenario, but it is brought into the discussion to present the concept of dimensions beyond the three dimensions and time dimension, it has been proposed that there are ten or more dimensions.  

It is impossible for most people to visualize ten dimensions because most people have trouble keeping their clocks with the correct time.  However, the potential existence of other dimensions provides variables that allow explanations of that which cannot be seen.

No one has ever seen an atom or a molecule or a quark or electron or string or God Particle.  Science has provided the means to provide an expression of the existence of these particles, but the human eye has too many failings to see these particles just as Madame Curie could not see the radiation that was killing her.  We accept these particles on 'faith', a faith that is much stronger than the mathematics of physics because each of us wake up each morning and brush teeth and eat food, all to keep these particles tied together.    

Here's a thought, what if God had a plan for all those extra dimensions...



Think about it, seriously, what is holding you together?  Is there a particle glue that is much stronger than gravity?  How do you keep from just sinking into the ground with each step?

If you know anything about physics these are not stupid questions for one simple reason - everything is made up of something much smaller, a bunch of 'somethings' all bound together.  A drop of water is comprised of millions of 'water molecules' and each molecule is comprised of three atoms: one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms bound together.  However, each atom is comprised of a combination of Electrons, Protons and Neutrons, depending on the atomic structure of the atom.  The Hydrogen atom is comprised of a Proton and Electron (one of each) and the Oxygen atom is comprised of eight Electrons, eight Protons and eight Neutrons.  The interaction of the electrons binds the atoms together into a stable molecule of water.

However, this is not the end, current theory holds that each electron, proton and neutron are comprised of smaller particles, quarks and other stuff (need to discuss with a particle physicist for more information) but this is one of the reasons why they split atoms in various research facilities, they are trying to identify the little tiny stuff that makes up all matter.  

But the exciting part is that something holds all the tiny stuff together so that electrons, protons, neutrons, strings and particles all come together to form EVERYTHING and allow the interaction to occur.  Stuff that is too small to see come together to form bodies made up of organs and skin and muscle and bone and, in most cases, brains.  If you want to have sleepless nights, consider this concept: you breathe air to survive but that air is made up of the same atomic particles you are made of.  

Just a change of pace for a moment: ask any physicist one simple question: “How can the atoms, electrons, protons and neutrons create a thought in the brain?”  This sounds like a silly question but the issue is that these atomic structures come together and a new thought occurs.  Just a distraction.

The point is that this is not an accident.  The molecular interaction, the bonds that are formed between atoms and molecules, can explain the formation of rocks and water and air.  But it is far bigger than that, atomic particles come together and form a body but where does the spark of life come from?  What is it that turns that lump of atomic particles into a living and breathing entity?  Yes, back to the Primordial Soup, but this time with purpose - it was not an accident.

If we consider that the interaction of the atomic particles is not an accident then the next logical step is that somehow, life was bestowed on atomic particles and then a detailed blueprint for the construction of a living entity was followed to build that life.  But consider the process, life starts at the moment of conception and from this beginning it is not a process of building the body, then the head, then the arms, followed by the legs.  This is a construction process that not any builder would use but will not work for a living entity, the process for a living entity is growth from conception to a fully developed body, adding cell by cell, extending and expanding, developing the internal organs while expanding the head and brain, reaching with the arms and legs.  The entity is self-aware, possibly from the moment of conception, knowing what must be done to form the living body of the entity.  Most interesting is the development of the senses occurs at the same time as the development of the entire entity.  The entity can feel, hear, react long before the moment of birth, long before the first breath.  Most important, can the entity think before birth?  At the moment of conception, the entity is directing the development of the body that house the entity and if this is done through the brain, is it possible to imagine the scope of knowledge that is used during this process and then lost at the moment of birth?

The point is that there is something greater, something beyond the scope of our understanding that developed this relationship with matter.  And then beyond that, the simple spark of life that infused a lump of atomic particles to desire to breathe and eat and touch and move, explore, seek, reach.  

While you may not want to believe in something greater, that is a matter of choice, but it is also a failure to recognize the basic concepts of particle physics.  In the lab, atoms can be combined to form new and useful materials but with all the trying and formulating and testing, none of the resulting combinations can breathe, cry, whimper.  

It is possible to 'clone' a living animal, however, it is important to understand how cloning is performed.  A living cell from an existing animal is modified and introduced to another living cell and this is the moment of conception.  Normally, the process would be the insertion of DNA into the egg cell of the female.  Notice that life begets life, period.  That spark can be passed but only from life.  Man can manipulate that which he cannot create.    

With all the knowledge, with all of the theory, with all of the technology, man cannot create a spark of life.  Man can take existing life and pretend like he is accomplishing something, but there is a line that cannot be crossed.  

So, there are two interesting concepts that bear further exploration: the concept of the dimensions of time and space that exist in theory, and, the limitation on life as a divine spark.  But consider for a moment that divine spark, here is the interesting part, what was once alive and has died cannot be re-started.  It is almost as if a switch were turned off or, perhaps, the divine spark of life has left.  On the flip side, there are dimensions that we cannot comprehend with utilization beyond our scope, could it be that God has a plan?

Perhaps, these two concepts are somehow inter-related.  Somehow these two concepts fit into that aforementioned plan.  



Consider the human body, it is made up of thousands of cells, growing, splitting, dying, all part of a huge organization.  But when the body dies, so do all the cells, even the cells that could live off the decomposing of other cells.  Nothing lives on.  No, this doesn't happen immediately, it takes time for the message to get to the hair growing cells and the fingernail cells, but sooner or later, the message gets out and the body dies.

Isn't that an interesting concept - “When the body dies”?  What exactly is a ‘body’?  Science has proven that the human body, like every other multi cell organism, is made up of cells.  Each cell has a dedicated purpose based on the design provided by the organism DNA.  All these cells together form the body but that is not anything other than the consolidated cells in the organism.  But still we refer to the ‘body’ like we declare all the trees in an area form a forest.  

So, the question is simple, if the body is made up of cells, what causes the body and all of the cells to die?  It is almost like there is a master electrical switch someplace that is shut off, but where is it?  

The amoeba, along with bacteria and virus, is a single cell organism.  The amoeba can live on, a single cell, by itself.  If there are nutrients and a livable environment, as long as nothing happens to force the amoeba to die, it will live on, perhaps hibernating.  Bacteria and virus can live on surfaces until picked up by the human hand and infecting the runny nose of a child.  Sure, if deprived of the essentials of life or nutrients, these single cell organisms will die but if there are lots of nutrients, do they grow great big, a huge blob?  No, of course not, they have prescribed limits in size and when the maximum is reached, the cell divides into two cells, two separate and distinct single cell organisms.

But the human body dies, and all of the cells slowly die also, like they are waiting to get the word passed down to them.  Why is that?  Perhaps there is a switch or another control mechanism that has a global effect on the body.  But even more interesting is the lack of effect from something else dying close by.  

During various wars or death camps, there are stories of a single individual that lay in the midst of others dying and hung on to life.  The switch may have been flipped for many others, but that one life force continued to hang on, to refuse to turn off.  From this, we can draw the conclusion that when one life force is turned off, other life forces must make their own decision as to whether the switch is flipped on or off.  In other words, just because a wave of death exists, that wave cannot force the decision of any life force that wishes to continue.

The body can absorb incredible damage and destruction and continue to live.  The brain has been damaged, and life continues.  Arms and legs have been damaged or removed and still the body lives on.  Medical advances have developed the ability to exchange vital parts between two bodies and the vital parts operate exactly as intended.  Hearts have been removed from one body and placed in an-other body and heart beats, fulfilling a single-minded task.  It can be concluded that each of these single vital parts is not the switch because if it were, when the bad one is removed then the receiving body would die.  Science has taught us how to keep a body from dying but not how to restart a body that has died and, of course, there are levels of damage that can’t be overcome with tricks and science.

Of course, the first objection is the impact of external damage like a bullet to the brain or being crushed in a car accident and these incidents do occur but at the same time, in many incidents we see the moment the switch is turned off, some will die but others will survive, why?

Of course, it should be considered that man has developed the ability to keep isolated parts of the body alive by providing an environment to survive, for the short term, and then transplant the cells into another body.  Many lives have been saved thanks to the technology to keep cells from dying only to be transplanted but this does not change the original hypothesis, without the artificial environment, keeping the cells alive they would die.  But this does prove that it is not the body that is tied to the soul, it is merely a biological environment for the soul.  When the soul leaves the body, the cells are nothing more than cells and can be transplanted, to another body.  But remember, these cells cannot be brought back to life, the cellular activity can only be maintained.

So, how would you classify this switch?  It seems like a pretty powerful force and seems to have a very long life because it starts with the conception and remains with the body until the switch makes the choice to stop.  

The Eternal Soul

The Eternal Soul

The Eternal Soul