Origin of Life Part 4



Over the years, man has convinced himself that the concepts he develops have meaning and impact.  The concept of time is one idea that was developed and, to try and add importance, additional structures were added.  The first tracking of time was counting the days, the times the sun rose and set.  Next, man noticed that the number of days between points could help to understand what was happening so man figured out the longest day and the shortest day and the number of days between and, presto, there was a rudimentary calendar.  This calendar provided an understanding of when to plant and harvest, when to gather wood for fires against the cold, but most important, man recognized the consistency.  Then the phases of the moon were tracked and recorded, providing a prediction of what was coming, and man added meaning to various phases.  Then someone developed the Sun Dial to provide a breakdown of the day into segments, and the closer you are to the equator then the difference in the size of the segments during the year became unimportant.  Next, science provided us with a breakdown of time, 24 hours per day, 60 minutes per hour and 60 second per minute with the world broken into time zones and a world clock tied to atomic activity to be sure it was accurate to the 60th of a second. 


The biggest problem with time is the fact it does not exist.  Time is a concocted concept to please man, providing the means to record everything that happens and to keep it all straight, but why?  All of the records of every second, minute, hour, or day that passed have no value other than as a memory, nothing in all of the records can be changed just because you know the when and where.  Time is not a particle or any other physical or atomic component, time is the name given to the movement of everything because everything is constantly moving.  On the atomic level, particles are moving within the electrons and protons and neutrons so the moment that existed once can never exist again.  A time particle is not created when a moment starts and then destroyed when the moment ends, there is no physical component of time, no actual existence.  Recently, a claim was made that if someone was crossing the event horizon of a Black Hole that the shift in gravity would give the traveler the option of going back in time: simple conclusion: this is utter nonsense. 


The shift in gravity at the event horizon of a Black Hole only impacts matter, anything with a physical presence and since time has nothing that can be impacted by gravity, the event horizon only impacts the perception of the matter but has no effect on time, time simply moves forward as all matter moves.  There is no timeline, there is not a long string of moments in time that can allow a selection and return to that moment.  The issue is the shifting of all matter in the universe to return to the moment desired, all matter would return to the position of the moment and the movement would start again.  Of course, we know that the movement of the galaxy and the solar system are in perpetual movement and, minute by minute, the absolute location in space has shifted by thousands of miles.  Of course, even if going back in time, and shifting all the matter of the universe, were possible then the problem is that there would be no way to return to the starting point in time.  It is imagined like stepping through a doorway to 100 years ago and progressing forward but there is the tiny problem of chaos theory in that the addition of a single person into the time stream would cause changes, in much the same way the domino effect allows the beating of a butterflies wings in one part of the world to impact another part in the future.


On top of the damage caused to the ‘timeline’ by the impact of the chaos theory, the future does not exist until the moment passes so there is no way to travel into the future unless you support the concept of predetermined destiny for everyone.  One TV show was based on the concept that one person received, every morning, the newspaper from the next day.  Is it possible to imagine the impact on the world one person could have if he used that information for his own benefit?  The true meaning of the old saying about absolute power corrupting would be played out.


Time travel is a science fiction not a viable reality.  The only moment in time is this moment and it is gone.  It is not going back to a moment in time if you simply change the clocks, all matter everywhere must be returned to the previous position and sorry, this is not possible.  This is the simple approach, all matter is constantly moving, not based on keeping in time with some clock in the center of the universe, the movement of matter is impacted by the changes in gravity but that does not mean you can go back in time, the only change is the perception of reality based on the shift in the gravity.  Time is not a separate dimension, there is no other time than the time that exists at every point in space, it is possible to adjust the three dimensions that we recognize but there has never been a way to adjust time – if you move a block of wood, the only change is the measurements to identify the exact location, the block of wood is simply older.




The other problem is the use of the term ’Black Hole’.  In fact, there is no hole, there is no gap in space which is six feet below the rest of the universe plane.  Is this an attempt to reference an opening into another dimension where all the collected matter is shifted?  A Black Hole is more like a negative or anti star because of the reverse effect of the Black Hole.  A star generates energy from fusion and expels this energy in every direction, constantly, the Black Hole on the other hand collects everything it encounters that cannot escape the gravitational pull including photons so there is no light escaping.  The question is more a matter of the purpose and use of the matter or energy that the Black Hole collects.


Based on the additional levels of gravity employed in a Black Hole which allows it to pull in all the matter encountered, perhaps the Black Hole is simply tearing apart the matter into particles and compressing it to build the gravitational pull using any energy that was stored in the matter.  The rendering of the matter is a means to minimize the size by compressing everything under gravity and the compression of the spin.  The interesting point is a matter of compression causing heat, consider the hydrogen cloud the size of the Sun and how this cloud begins to generate heat in the core as the compression builds and the heat eventually reaches the level of creating a fusion reaction.  Now consider the same thing in the Black Hole where the gravity creates compression of all the matter pulled in, but does this compression result in heat build-up, enough to ignite a reaction, apparently not.  Could the difference in response be more a matter of atomic structure in that the Black Hole tears the atomic structure apart so the particles can be compressed into the smallest space possible?  Is it possible that the compression of atomic structures like hydrogen react differently than the compression of particles, if the Black Hole actually tears the atoms apart into the particles?  If this is the case, then a Black Hole does not generate heat from the compression because the atoms are torn apart as they pass through the gravity in the event horizon.  Perhaps there is a difference in the random compression of atoms with the constant movement as in the Sun as compared to the compression of Legos like particles stacked tightly together with limited movement.


This goes back to the basic question of gravity – what is it?  Hundreds of years ago, the concept of gravity was identified and the effect of gravity was calculated, however, in the hundreds of years since the documentation of gravity was completed there is no further understanding of the exact source or the means to manage or cancel the effect of gravity.  It is assumed that Black Holes have a gravity field that is stronger than other sources of gravity because light cannot escape however light exits the gravity of a star.  Perhaps there is a frequency tied to the gravity of specific atoms or particles.  Perhaps the photon is less susceptible to the gravity of the Sun and hydrogen is tuned to this frequency of gravity.  So, going back to gravity this discussion assumes that every particle of matter includes a slight gravitational pull spreading in all directions, like the suction of the drain in a sink.  The other point made earlier was the desire for certain types of atomic structures and particles to come together, like a clique in high school, and the specific frequency of each clique allows the gravity of the clique to combine.  In the case of a star, which is billions of tons of hydrogen, as compared to a planet which has millions of tons of matter, it is not all the same frequency, so the star gravity is stronger.  In the case of a Black Hole, as the matter is torn apart and compressed as individual particles, the combination of the gravity of all the particles would be much stronger than just the atomic structures.  Now add the effect of the spinning as this creates a draw.




Just to clarify, matter exists either as matter or energy, but it exists.  Recent theories propose that at the Big Bang, there was a massive temperature explosion and the result was the creation of all matter in the universe from nothing.  The problems are overwhelming with this theory, but science loves it because it provides a means for the creation of the universe without a Deity.  However, for this theory to work it must violate the various laws that apply in every other case except this one, essentially it is not possible to create something from nothing.  This law is in place to keep science from pulling new hydrogen fuel out of nothing in the future to resolve the problem of the universe shutting down.  This is another attempt by science to discredit the concept of a Deity by throwing in a miracle without explaining where these miracles keep coming from.



The issue of the matter in the universe was explained earlier however a brief review may be useful.  The universe is a big recycling project, nothing more.  Every version of the universe goes through the same process of all of the particles ganging up and forming atomic structures.  The simplest is the hydrogen atom and this is the most abundant element in the universe, but it is also the primary fuel for the creation of energy from the fusion process.  The fusion process takes four hydrogen atoms and converts them into a single helium atom with a massive release of energy as two of the protons and two of the electrons are fused into two neutrons for the helium atom.  It is critical to understand that the universe cannot go backwards turning the helium into the previous hydrogen atoms, at some point in time, all of the hydrogen will be consumed and the stars will shut down, one by one.  The problem is that hydrogen, or other gases, are needed to run the universe, the solution is to take all of the existing matter, reduce to particles and then start the whole process over again.


As the stars begin to shut down, the energy used by the universe to expand will stop and the universe will begin to collapse.  As this happens, the matter in the universe is pulled into Black Holes where the gravity tears the matter apart to recover any remaining energy then to compress the matter into a ball.  It doesn’t matter if there is more than one black hole because, sooner or later, they will all be pulled into another Black Hole and the larger Black Hole will win until all of the matter has been converted back into particles and included in a compressed ball of matter.  Let’s go back to the Black Hole for a second, this isn’t really a hole, it is a spot in space with a powerful gravitational pull and at the middle of the Black Hole is this ball of matter, it is Black because it doesn’t generate sunlight, just absorbs it.  The Black Hole continues to grow until all of the matter is collected and there is a big ball of matter under massive compression from the spin and gravity, but once all the matter has been captured, there isn’t any more energy.  What happens next is what you would expect from any child shut in the house too long, there is an escape.  Time causes the Black Hole gravity to reduce as the energy is consumed and when the gravity drops enough, the first child of the ball of matter makes an escape with enough matter to build at least one galaxy in the universe.


The escaped child begins an orbit around the ball of matter because of the continued gravity but the orbit seems to grow with each orbit and as this is happening, the matter in the child begins to spread out and take up more space, moving around.  The child matter particles begin to link up to begin the party looking to hook up, some are forming simple hydrogen while bigger groups form oxygen or nitrogen or carbon or the other metals, however, hydrogen is the result of 90% of the party results.  There are parties of every kind all through the matter and lots of clouds of the hydrogen come together in every part of the galaxy, just as the other gases come together and the heavier elements cluster together, forming small parties all around the limits of the galaxy and this gives you a galaxy like the Milky Way with hundreds of hydrogen parties.  Some of the hydrogen clouds connect with other clouds forming a huge cloud, spinning and compressing.  Other clouds are forming clumps of heavier elements caught in the gravity of the larger hydrogen gas clouds, beginning to orbit and compress to spin, however, the format is different for every cluster of heavier metals.  In a corner of the Milky Way, a hydrogen cloud has accumulated a good portion of the hydrogen in the area and the compression forms heat in the core until the temperature reaches the needed level and the core begins the fusion process contained in the core of the star, compressed by the layers and layers outside of the core pushing in. 


The fusion process is the energy creator for the universe where the process takes four hydrogen atoms (made up of one proton and one electron each) and fuses the components together into a single new atom of helium fusing two protons and two electrons into two neutrons, releasing all of the leftover particles as energized particles providing the energized photons, that we refer to as sunlight.  Yes, the process provides a balanced process, four protons and four electrons convert into the helium atom with two protons, two electrons and two neutrons with lots of energy released.  Once again, to go back to the concept of matter / energy, they both exist with the difference is the level of energy in the particle.  Bear in mind that we use solar cells to capture energized photons and when captured and the extra energy is drained off, the remaining photon becomes part of the solar cell until shipped off.


Once the hydrogen atoms are fused into a helium atom, then you need four new hydrogen atoms to maintain the long-term fuel of the star and this is one of the problems with the universe.  The fusion process will also work with the helium atoms, but the output is more consistent with hydrogen.  The problem is that at some point, you run out of gasses that can be run through the fusion process and the star will turn off.  This is the long term problem with the universe, everything is burned up and the only option is to tear it all down and start over.


During the life of the star, there are two counteracting forces: 1) the gravity and compression as a result of the massive gas cloud, and 2) the outward pressure from the fusion process pushing out.  The compression gravity overcomes the fusion outbound pressure keeping the fusion process with plenty of fuel during the life of the star.  But when the star ages, two things can happen, in one case, the compression gravity slows down and at some point the fusion process builds the needed pressure to blow the star apart.  In the other case, at some point, the fuel in the star has been depleted but the gravity compression continues until the last fusion process ends then the light goes out.  The lack of outbound pressure causes the star to collapse in on itself from the compression gravity and at this time, no additional light escapes because the fusion process has stopped.  The compression gravity, which was a result of the mass of the star continues compressing the remnants of the star and, at the same time, pulling in the space stuff that had been pushed away by the energy generated from the fusion.  The critical point is that there is no light because there is no fusion reaction but there is a gravitational field from the size and mass of the matter before burning out.  Is this the beginning of another Black Hole?


Over time, all the stars in the universe also shut down and without the energy generated from the fusion of the stars, the universe begins to contract, pulling everything back to the center including all of the matter and Black Holes.  In the process, the Black Holes continue to use the remaining energy to build their balls of matter until everything has been sucked into a final Black Hole and all that is left is the last Black Hole and the ball of matter.  It doesn’t take long for the process to restart as the energy is used and the first of many matter children escape the hold of the ball of matter.  Each child of matter spreads and begins the process of creating hydrogen, along with all the other elements, and the clouds form up and sooner or later, a cloud reaches critical mass and the fusion reaction starts again.  Surprisingly, as the universe ages and the galaxies continue to move and expand, they come in contact with other galaxies and sometimes they merge or pass close to each other and strip away clouds of hydrogen.  Everything in the universe is constantly moving and expanding so the various interactions are inevitable.  It is critical to remember that the movements of the matter is the universe follows patterns that constantly changing because of the shifts in gravity.  The only way to reload the hydrogen fuel is to start over and let the next million years build a new universe.




Other than the origin of life, this is the other big topic of discussion where science has no clue.  Science is broken into two camps on the topic of life and death: the first camp is of the impression that simply by declaring that this is what happened then they can create life from lifeless matter, and, the second camp is more reality oriented in that various disciplines have dictated that where there is life, there is life, but if matter is dead then it does not come back to life at the snap of the fingers.  The first camp science relies on miracles to create life where there is none, but on the flip side, second camp science recognizes that they must determine ways to extend life as it weakens which is the most interesting concept of transplant technology.  Contrary to the desires of the first camp science, if an organ dies then there is no way to bring the organ back to life, this has been proven, but first camp science has declared that lifeless matter can spontaneously come to life. 


The interesting part of the discussion goes back to the need for first camp science to have the absolute final answer to any question even when the results are nonsensical.  There is not a single experiment that has resulted in the spontaneous creation of life, but first camp science has established this theory as the absolute final word, as refuted earlier.  If the question of life has such a difficult definition, perhaps first camp science can provide the absolute theory on death, exactly what causes it and why does it happen?  The second camp science recognizes that life is controlled by factors outside of their control and they can only find means to delay death, if that is the desire, but sooner or later, death will occur.


Second camp science has determined that death of the individual is not always the simultaneous death of the entire body and there is an opportunity to transplant vital organs to another body but there are time limits.  So, the real question is what is the difference between the death of the individual and the body?  Everyone will agree that the body is a combination of atoms and molecules and once the body dies then the cellular structure begins to break down back into the atoms and molecules, if allowed.  So, back to the question for the difference between the individual and the body?  The answer that the first camp science won’t like is simple, because they can’t find it or track it or determine what happens next, but the answer is that the individual dies when the soul leaves the body, and the body dies when there is no further effort to keep the cellular structures alive.  This is a critical point, the cellular structure can stay alive once the soul leaves the body, because there has been an intervention but there is no way to bring the individual back.  Yes, the argument will be that, more than once, an individual died and was resuscitated, and the individual lived on, so perhaps the definition needs to be more a matter of the death of the individual.  Once again, the starting point for the definition is the absence of the soul and since science has no means to track or identify the soul then this cannot be the final test for the definition.  Often, brain activity is used as a measure of continuing life of the individual so the standard needs to be set as to the time frame and which measures are final?


The final question is a matter of knowing how to start life and then to understand what happens when the life stops, and death takes over, exactly what is the moment when the life cannot be brought back.  What science knows is all of the technical components of what is present when there is life but they can’t duplicate the process.  Consider the seed, what is it that gives the seed the ability to begin growing; one moment it is nothing but a dry pebble in the palm but when placed in the right circumstance something inside the seed begins a transformation to life.  Will the kernel of seed work when prepared a certain way but won’t work if you stir the mixture counterclockwise?   Is it just a matter of mixing specific chemicals but you must insert is a specific order?  At what point is the magic dust of life added to the mixture?  This the problem with the theory of life as defined by science: first, there is a miracle to bring the amino acids to life from non-living matter then to form a DNA chain that means something.  Considering that everyone is the result of the organization of the DNA so why are almost all humans following the same guideline and we have the face in the middle of chest?  This is another failing of the science theory of life – the DNA was in a specific order to provide the means for living and reproduction, but it was just a lucky mish mash of random choice.



The important point to be made is that science and religion can stand side by side.  The problem has always been that one or the other must try to be dominant.  The truth is that there are significant discoveries that are yet to be made and every advancement in science provides more of an insight into the Intelligent Design of the Deity.  Religion, on the other hand, must be ready to understand and integrate the science provided as long as science puts an end to the science fiction generated for the sole purpose of pretending superiority.  There is no one that has all of the proven answers, lots of claims and wishful thinking, but always lacking the proof.  As shown, both science and religion have used a false premise to establish dominance and this is the part that is the problem.  As in any marriage, truthful communication is critical and a willingness to accept and compromise.