Origin of Life Part 3


Part of the problem with this discussion is the reference to a Deity and always there is a demand for proof of a Deity.  As with everything, there are two sides to every question and in the case of a Deity there is no proof that a Deity exists except for the simple fact that man exists today.  The flip side of the answer is really complicated because there is not any proof that a Deity does not exist, however there are a number of results that could only have been through the influence of a Deity.  Start with the only first-person account of creation and consider the possibility that it was written in a manner that would make sense to the population, but a slight change of the verbiage resolves the problem.  Simple fact is that there is geological proof of the age of Earth being more than six days old but there are two issues to consider: 1) you do not know the length of a day for the Deity, and, 2) it is more likely that the term days was confused with something closer to phases.  All the Bible components make sense if it is considered the phases that occurred over time on a schedule that we have no concept of.  It is possible that the existence of man is nothing more than an afternoon diversion.  Most important is that this approach brings reality into a viable option if you consider the concept of “Intelligent Design”. 


Consider the development of Earth and everything that science considers a lucky accident but how many of these accidents are nothing more than microscopic planning well in advance.  Start with the hydrogen cloud that engulfed Earth then the oxygen/nitrogen cloud to result in a planet with water and an atmosphere with a component of oxygen for carbon-based metabolism.  Then consider that the oxygen cloud that was large enough to ensure that enough oxygen was left over to provide an atmosphere for life forms after converting most of the oxygen into water with the hydrogen.  Consider the shifting of a few percentages in all of the components of the atmosphere, start with slightly more hydrogen and the resulting oxygen would be too low to provide a constant available atmosphere.  Yes, it was a lucky coincidence that the hydrogen and oxygen worked out the way it did.  However, this is another randomness of science of a trillion to one shot.


Next, consider the moon.  This discussion proposes that the moon was the result of an asteroid collision, knocking free a segment of the mantle just large enough.  But go one step further and consider the angle of the impact and how the result could have allowed the moon to shoot off into space but it was caught in the gravity of Earth and started to orbit instead of waving goodbye.  The point is that the angle of the impact and the speed of the impact had to be perfect to create the portion that broke off as compared to the asteroid simply smashing into Earth and being absorbed.  One approach is to believe that an incredible level of calculations was completed somehow to make sure the perfect impact occurred at exactly the right place and speed.  Randomness would make this a trillion in one shot but believing in the involvement of a Deity made this a sure thing.


The previous discussion has already established the creation of life from the randomness of nature is not a viable option because it does not work, it is a fraud.  But on top of the creation of life, the entire discussion of evolution is also a fraud and does not work unless you throw in vast number of miracles.  The problem is that there is no way to create a new species unless it is the result of a mutation during the reproductive process of another species.  The only way that this new species can procreate is with a member of the existing species which would have the effect of diluting the differences between the species with each reproductive cycle, so the only assumption that makes sense is all of the mutants got together until there was a male and female of the same new species to run off and start the line.  There are two problems: first, this is really stupid, and second, the evolution process simply stopped about the time of Noah.  This seems to be one of the primary issues that continues to raise its ugly head: inconsistency.  If a function like evolution is an act of nature then that process will continue because the randomness of mixing species has no end until we get the unicorn and griffin, or perhaps the dragon.


This is one of the problems with the fabrications from science in that the miracles occur then the miracle takes a vacation.  The first miracle is the creation of life when none of the components are in existence but there are no more life forms created.  The second miracle is the idea that the first life form survived without food or, based on this discussion, without oxygen.  The third miracle was the ability of a single cell life form to reproduce considering the DNA was the result of randomly organized amino acids.  The fourth miracle, and probably the most important, is the development of plants and this is truly a miracle because there was no basis for the concept of a plant in nature from the random linking of non-existent amino acids.  As discussed earlier, the plant is completely different from all other life forms because of the ability to generate food sources while everything else consumes food sources.  There is no basis for the use of chlorophyll to capture energy and then to use that energy to split water molecules, along with photosynthesis to create food starches.  There is nothing in nature to provide this function but, presto, there it is.


The real question is whether the entire belief foundation for science would collapse if it were accepted that a Deity was responsible for life on Earth.  Interestingly, the Deity could have provided proof of the existence and the work performed but that defeats the purpose of belief and faith.  Life is a constant battle between good and evil and the faith is the link to the good.  Each decision in life can be either good or bad and every decision has consequences.  The belief in a Deity provides the desire to work toward the good, with the possible reward but, more important, life can be more fulfilling if the decisions are good.


Is it possible for science to leave the question of a Deity alone and simply work for the truth of science?  The answer is that the ego of science will not allow the possibility of a Deity due to the possibility that science is not the ultimate authority.  The problem is that there is no means to prove, beyond question, as to the existence or non-existence of a Deity and both approaches must be judged based on the ability of either approach to resolve the creation of life issue.  This is where the science approach falls apart, science has provided multiple solutions to the problem and all of them fail under scrutiny.  The same problem exists for the approach of a Deity except for the potential option that the Deity has the ability to solve all problems.  Consider the presented approach for life on Earth in this discussion.  If it can be assumed that the Deity has the technical ability to organize and grow life from DNA then any life form is possible without miracles.  In much the same way that science can create test tube babies, the same technology at a higher level would provide the means for the creation of all life forms without any miracles.  This is one of the basic points of this discussion, there is not magic, there is intelligent design and knowledge of future events.  If someone knows the path of an asteroid today, the slightest change today will have the desired effect in ten years or one hundred years because the movement of matter through space is defined.


It is funny that the part of reality that cannot be predicted is the impact of intelligence, at all levels, on the movements and activity of all creatures.  The matter in space can be identified and the future movement predicted based on mathematics, as long as man does not nudge the matter, then it will do as expected.   It has been said that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in one part of the world will have an impact somewhere else because the ultimate prediction of the domino effect unless it can be interrupted by man.  When the Deity, in the Bible, spoke of creating Earth, it is possible that this is simply the result of the domino effect because the effect can be predicted.  The Sun is nothing more than a massive collection of hydrogen clouds to create a mass large enough to create pressure and heat from gravity to generate the fusion process.  The shifting of matter in space is viable if the matter is small enough and the result of the domino effect is a combination of matter to form a ball of heavier matter.  Along the same lines, the movement of the gas clouds is probably not difficult with the slightest shifting of gravity.  If the Deity is capable of predicting the domino effect then the calculation of the gravity growth and effect would not be difficult, after all, everything is constantly impacted by the subtle shifts in gravity.


Consider a couple of topics of Science Fiction as compared to Science.