History of Earth Part 5


Of course, part of the problem with this approach is the distinct difference between plant life forms versus non-plant life forms.  Very simply, plant life forms have the capacity for photosynthesis and, as a result, generate carbon based starches and these plant life forms make food and release oxygen, part of a continuing cycle.  The non-plant life forms are the guys that eat everything in sight but can’t produce food (except in the case of mothers – way in the future, where would you put a teat on single cell life form?).  The non-plant life forms consume the starches and oxidize the carbon to create carbon dioxide, which is the second side of the cycle where plants use the carbon dioxide to create the starches using photosynthesis.  This is the part that is hard to explain, a life form can’t be both at the same time, at least there is no basis for any life form being both.

This goes back to the basics, all life forms today depend on the ability of the plant photosynthesis for food but there wasn’t any food back when the conga line was forming because this requires a life form capable of photosynthesis, but there weren’t any.  Here’s the simple truth, a plant performs photosynthesis producing food, but the non-plant life forms can’t generate food on their own, they need a plant.  Consider that all life on Earth falls into two primary groups – those that produce food through photosynthesis and those that consume the food generated by plants.  So, the question must be resolved, which life form came first?  The non-plants cannot produce food, and no matter how stupid the theory, a non-plant can’t evolve into a plant.  On the flip side, the plants produce food but can’t do the other stuff, plants have feelings but do not have a brain.

This is where all of the theories scramble for an explanation.  First, the amino acid conga line creates the first DNA strand, then, second, the DNA strand wraps up in a protein wrap and generates a cell structure, then, third, somehow this cell structure decides to perform photosynthesis.  Bear in mind that all of this activity is without any food and oxygen unless you want to go with the theory that claims the original cell structure did not use carbon based metabolism and then somehow decided to switch.  Somewhere along the way the cell decided to figure out the photosynthesis process, notice the use of the term ‘the cell’?  There is only one because there is no basis for any form of reproduction whether by mitosis or popping a new cell out of the bottom.  The same problems exist for all of these theories; first, there are no amino acids floating around looking to hook up, and second, there is no protein wrap available to keep it together, see there had been no previous life forms so there couldn’t be amino acids or protein since both are remnants of organic life forms.



This brings us back to the source of life on Earth – a living being from outside the universe.  The concept is not really far fetched if you consider how much we don’t know about the structure of the universe or the boundary of the universe.  What are the options, under a serious consideration?  The first option is that the universe exists in a dimension all its own, which means that moving from one to another would be a problem but not impossible with the right technology.  This theory is using the concept of the universe inside a test tube in the lab of an advanced alien, where the universe is actually a power source because of the constant burning of the hydrogen.

The other consideration that must be considered is that there are other planets that can support life and have been visited by the same being that brought the life forms to Earth.  In all of the universe, are we so conceited that we believe the proper combination of factors that formed Earth could only happen once in the billions of chances?  This is even more reason to believe that there was a helping hand, to think that the randomness of the universe created man, and this is what we have ended up with.

Consider the likelihood of the amino acids conga line versus the visitation by an alien being from outside our universe.  The simple problems associated with the conga line make this option impossible whereas we have no proof of the impossible nature of an alien visitor.  This approach has a couple of advantages, first, it eliminates the need for ‘miracles’ because there are no gaps to fill, and second, this approach introduces intelligent design not only in the design of man but in the set of perfect combinations that resulted in the Earth being a viable planet. 

Another option would be that our universe is one balloon that exists along with other balloons, each with their own universe.  The point is that the universe could be just about anything in relation to other things because atoms are invisible to humans due to size, but our universe could be an atom in another environment because humans have no concept of size outside of our experience.

The theory relies on the concept of a being that provides input into the development of our universe as the universe moves through its life cycle and, don’t be fooled, there is a life cycle.  How many times has this Supreme Being become involved in the life form development on Earth?  Start at the beginning and make the Earth capable of sustaining life by fixing the atmosphere problems, providing cleaning services and food sources then add the first animals.  The theory assumes that the animals brought to Earth were the result of various development processes by the Supreme Being based on the growth from the original reptiles and amphibians (Cold Blooded) to Saber tooth tigers and mammoths (Warm Blooded).  Changing the form of metabolism is not a simple process but the fact is that the original animal life forms were large reptiles with equally large plant structures.  Then, a theory proposes, the cold blooded dinosaurs were wiped out when a meteor hit the Earth (around South America) and the resulting explosion blew enough material into the atmosphere to wipe out the Sun, resulting in the death of the animals.  Stop for a second and think about what this would have done to the insects and micro-organisms, probably nothing because they could survive on the remains of the animals and the plants.  Some of the more basic plants would survive but probably not the largest.

Over time, the atmosphere settled out, as had happened before, but the nice thing is that the atmosphere probably was only slightly impacted because it is unlikely that fire consumed the planet.  The only thing needed was a new introduction of plants and then animals.  Perhaps, the Supreme Being that introduced life on Earth was testing the designs as plants and animals were developed, after all, it would be easier to make a big model (brontosaurus) before trying to micro size it (elephant) and there were probably a couple of iterations.  Add on top of that the development of warm blooded as compared to cold blooded, entirely different metabolisms.  During the second round, you ended up with the saber toothed tiger and the wholly mammoth (capable of living in the cold).  In this round, there are still improvements needed to bring the size down to human interaction levels.  Of course, it is likely that various human forms were developed to try and get the structure right, you know – opposable thumbs and standing up.

It is likely that at some point, there was another disaster, probably from a massive volcano, a thousand times bigger than Mt St Helena, which once again wiped out the animal population.  There is a massive volcano building under Yellowstone Park, it is known but no one has any clue about how to manage the potential problem.  If the previous volcano was larger than Yellowstone Park, then a disaster was the likely outcome and don’t forget that a number of the ocean islands are the result of volcano activity from sometime in the past.  On top of that, the evidence points to several potential cities that were destroyed by volcano eruption like Pompeii, along with the legends of Atlantis.

This provided an opportunity for another ark of animals based on the new designs, smaller and more compact, more in line with the eventual human form.  After the disaster, the animals are wiped out leaving just the micro-organisms, insects and probably the smaller of the fish along with the shell creatures (clams, oysters, crabs & lobsters, etc).  This explains why the cock roach has been around forever and why the sharks have stayed the same, the simple perfect eating machine, like a T-Rex in the water.  The new designs take into account the revised metabolism for warm blooded and most of reptiles and amphibians have been reduced in size.  This is the important point to consider, if evolution actually did provide the animals then why aren’t there any T-Rex or Brontosaurus, the theory of evolution does not imply that the previous procedures are dropped and started over, the evolution would have been the same, resulting in the same critters with a greater variety.  Most important, the concept of evolution does not provide for the change in the critter design, creating warm blooded and, most important, external body hair for warmth.

These are the little things that don’t make sense in the evolution theory – changes in direction that are not simply changes in the gene structure to get a cow instead of a horse.  The process for evolution, if it worked, would remain consistent which means that the first set of evolutions would have been duplicated and the world would be filled with dinosaurs.  Instead, thanks to another miracle in the theory of evolution, the process changed, did its thing then stopped AGAIN.  Thanks to the disasters from meteors or volcanoes, the animal population has been wiped out at least twice and the process started over again where that same fish walks out of the ocean and begins evolving.  This does bring up the point of evolution on land and in the ocean.  With the evolution of whales and dolphins in the ocean, it is reasonable to assume that there should have also been an evolution of mermaid and merman. 

But step back for a second, are the whales and dolphins recent additions because of the warm blooded metabolism.   Based on the fossils, the warm blood started after the first disaster then expanded with higher intelligence after the second disaster, providing the final results of the whales and dolphins.  Considering the number of new species and metabolism of the new species that came in after the second disaster, it is surprising that there were not more and larger reptiles since the mold had already been cast from the first time around.



The theory provided in this discussion, which remains constant, is the assumption that life was brought to Earth by a Supreme Being from outside the universe.  Now there are two disasters that have killed all animal life on Earth and, yes, this is a severe assumption but is based on the inability of animal life forms to go into stasis or hibernation waiting for the environment to recover, unlike plants.  Don’t forget that micro-organisms and insects can survive on the remains of dead animals, but animals require constant intake of food sources and once the plants shut down, without sunlight, there is not any food.

This Supreme Being brought the life forms or seeds or whatever you want to call it and did the Johnny Appleseed imitation and spread the seeds across the world.  Consider the concept of an ark which in this first trip simply releases algae and lichen and similar simple plants that can fix the carbon dioxide problem in the atmosphere and prepare the soil while needing very little oxygen.  The approach is to first clear the carbon dioxide, and second, to generate starch molecules which can settle in the low spots thanks to rain and uncontrolled run off.  These carbon-based starches are the forerunner to the deposits of hydrocarbons in the ground where the carbon-based starches are converted under pressure and heat into the existing hydrocarbons.  This is viable because there continue to be production of hydrocarbons in the ground but in drops as compared to pools from past concentrations.  There is no way to know how long the algae and lichen were active, but it is reasonable to assume that plant life forms would be capable of surviving a catastrophic event like a meteor collision or a massive volcano eruption because of the nature of plant seeds and they would go dormant with the lower temperatures until the sky cleared and sunlight was restored.  Given that this could have taken a hundred years or more, the condition of the Earth at the end of this period would be an oxygen rich atmosphere, probably clean and an ocean where most of the sediment has dropped out and low levels of salt have begun to enter into the ocean water because of the rain runoff.

Just to go back for a second, the original ocean was not salted, that salt was the result of millions of years of rain runoff and then evaporation of the water leaving the salt to accumulate.  An interesting study would be a simple time-line – if you start with pure water, between rain, runoff and evaporation, how long would it take to reach the level of salinity that the ocean has today?  Remember, the salinity in the ocean does not decrease unless something non-natural removes the salt like humans that remove the salt for commercial purposes.  There are a lot of minerals and elements dissolved in the ocean so if you took out ocean water and removed the water, what would you be left with besides salt?  This may become a future source of drinkable water as man fails to properly recycle water in a time efficient manner, sewage is still just water with ‘crap’ in it, and when removed, it returns to being pure water but it is difficult to deal with mentally.

The Earth is now (in this time line) at a point where life could be supported once the plant life is established.  Most importantly, the plant life is the only food source for carbon based metabolism so building the basis for the plant life must be completed before any other life can be established.  The issue becomes a question of inconsistency in the theoretical evolution of the life forms.  In theory, the first round of evolution provided the dinosaurs, which are cold blooded creatures, reptiles and amphibians.  The interesting part is that somehow, through another miracle, the next round of evolution, included warm blooded creatures and this is a completely different creature structure which, somehow, included body hair.  This is critical, because there is no logical connection in the evolution of cold blooded creatures to warm blooded creatures.  It is also important to consider the unlikely conversion of the skin of warm blooded creatures from a scale to a skin.  The theory of evolution wants to present the possibility that this conversion was all part of the changes in the species without explaining going from cold blooded to warm blooded – most people do not fully understand the differences.  Actually, another even bigger conversion was shifting from fish gills to lungs.  Would it be possible for animals to survive using just gills that are capable of being exposed to air all the time?  Most people don’t think about it but, in truth, the gill tissues would dry out and not be capable of making the oxygen exchange so the lungs must be inside the body where the humidity can be controlled.  But where is the motivation for converting from gills before the fish left the water?

At this time, the Earth is ready to support other life forms: yes, now is the time because the carbon dioxide has been reduced down to less than 1%-2% and the oxygen content in the atmosphere is back to the 23% and non-plants can breathe and live in the atmosphere.  Beyond just the algae and lichen and similar plants, the time has come to start with micro-organisms: bacteria, germs, virus, on and on.  These single cell life forms make life possible after credit is given to plants, these life forms eliminate the remains of life by every other life form.  While germaphobes may hate the idea, the human body is host to a vast number of micro-organisms that perform so many of the functions of the body in the digestive tract where external food sources are converted to nutrients that can be metabolized.  Consider, nothing you eat ever leaves the digestive tract except for the vitamins, nutrients and minerals, absorbed through the cell walls, all of the good (and bad stuff) is extracted with the help of bacteria and acids, fiber and other stuff are processed and extruded as waste.  Surprisingly, weight loss does not occur through the digestive system, the burning of fats and calories is processed as urine through the kidneys.  While the amount of available fats and calories can be influenced by what you consume, all of this stuff goes through the digestive system – a closed system, extremely efficient and protective of the host.

Once again, these micro-organisms are the result of an ark because these life forms do require oxygen since they are basically carbon-based metabolisms although most people don’t like to think about what they eat.  These micro-organisms are needed at this time because the algae and lichen that have died need to be cleaned and broken down for consumption by other plant forms, this process puts the organic matter into rock dust to form soil.  The cycle of life is actually a recycle of life where all waste and dead matter are broken down to the basic components and made available to other plants to use as food. 



Spend a minute considering all of the various life forms and how they integrate to make life possible for humans.  The first level are the plants, not because they are unimportant but because life on Earth is not possible if there are not plant life forms, plants provide the food for everything on Earth while at the same time cleaning the carbon dioxide (created by life forms) out of the atmosphere. 

The question of populating the Earth becomes a simple analysis of what the environment can support and how many changes can be released at once?  At this point in the narrative, with the algae and lichen, there are simple plant forms so what needs to be released to provide the basis for life as we expect it to occur?  Remember, not all of the forms could be released at once because of the need to clean up and prepare the Earth for what is to come.  While it would be interesting to release trees and carrots, there is not any soil for them to grow in so it is back the lichen and erosion and the dying plants that settle on the rock dust.

The next level are the micro-organisms because they perform the function of handling and breaking down the waste from all the other life forms, and leaving a potential food source for plants – ever wonder what is happening in a compost pile?  While this is a good punch line for a joke, the answer is very simple and important, the compost pile allows the micro-organisms to break down the organic matter so it can be recycled (used as food for the next plants).  Most people may not think about it but the rock dust in the soil has almost no nutritional value, the compost is where the nutrients come from.  The question is where do you go from here, consider for a minute if insects are really all that critical?

Part of this level includes the introduction of the insects and, like bacteria and germs, many of these insects are the stuff of nightmares for humans because we fail to see how these life forms contribute.  While everyone hates getting stung by a bee, life is only possible because of the plant sexual intermediary that is performed by bees and then they make honey.  However, many of the insects perform similar functions as bacteria, in that they help clean up the environment or interact with the various plants.  Ants at a picnic are not there to be a bother but are, like you, attracted by the smell of the food, grab scraps and take them home for dinner.  Yes, most people could live without mosquitoes and cock roaches but that is the price we pay for needing their help because people are incapable of cleaning up after themselves (or there would not be food for the cock roaches).  Interesting how the various life forms and plants interact to provide the various food sources that are available.

Now we have an environment that will support various plant forms because the rock dust is there so the plants have to fight a little for a foothold so perhaps a few plants would be useful so throw out the entire range of plant life and those that can survive in each location will and spread.  Consider the condition of the Earth: first, the atmosphere has been returned to include 23% oxygen and a significant amount of plant carbon based starches have been generated; second, a small portion of the rock has been broken down to dust and mixed in with the dead plant matter; third, the world cleaning crew has been set loose in the form of germs and insects; and fourth, a variety of plant life seeds have been released to survive if they may.  Now stand back and give the world a thousand years to grow plants and the cleaning crew to continue the preparation of the soil.  Most important, now there is not only an environment to support life there is also food sources to support the life.

Once the plants have done their thing and established themselves, then the next addition will be the reptiles, amphibians and fish.  The Being that made life on Earth may have started with an idea and then worked through the specifics or there may have been other samples from other planets.  If you look at the critters developed in the first round, it almost as if there was an attempt to start simple and work up the complicated.  Look at the progress of life forms beyond the plants which are worthy of a discussion on their own, start with the single cell micro-organisms, then step up to the insects in which there is not a skin, it is more of a shell but, most important is the consideration for cold blooded critters only, all micro-organisms, insects, reptiles, amphibians and fish are cold blooded.  One of the critical developments of this era was the replacement of the shell with a skin, which stretched over the bone structure and the organs.  There were significant advancements that was not possible through the application of evolution – bone structure and blood systems.  Insects rely on appendages interacting with the shell structure because this reduces the weight of the system and makes movement possible, a bone structure in an insect would make the weight overwhelming and keep the insect from moving.  Reptiles, amphibians and fish all developed a bone structure with blood systems.  There is no means for any evolution process to go from a single cell bacteria to a being with skin and a bone structure.

Then there was a catastrophic event where all of the larger life forms probably die due the lack of sunlight and plant growth along with the lack of unpolluted air.  It is assumed that all of the advanced life forms died during this process except for maybe some of the fishes, it just seems that sharks act pretty pre-historic. The Earth cleaned itself up again because the smaller plants probably hibernated or generated seeds that waited for the sunlight to return.  It is likely that it took months or years for the sunlight to return when that much debris has been put into the air.  Based on the experience with Mount St Helens, which was only one volcano, the volume of debris was probably thousands of times greater and blocked out the sunlight.  The Earth cleared the pollution from the air and the water and was once again capable of supporting life.  In this round, the Being reduced the size of the animals, showing a development in the genetic skills of the Being and two important points on top of the advancements from the first round: first, there was the development of the warm blooded creatures which provided the ability of the critter to control the internal temperature using breathing or sweat, and, second, the addition of hair to the skin, the prime example is the wholly mammoth and saber tooth cat.  On top of the hair, there was a major advancement in the skin which was based on external cells and not dependent on scales, adding various pores and other means of extruding bodily fluids.  It is likely that the first attempts to create a version of man probably occurred during this period since the number of changes between man and the other critters are significant.

The development of warm blooded over cold blooded is a significant advancement for several reasons but it must be considered in conjunction with the other changes.  Warm blooded also introduced skin instead of scales.  While it may not seem like that big a change, the skin provides the means to maintain the moisture levels of the internal body during dry environments.  This is one of the reasons why it was critical to change from gills to lungs, gills would dry out if constantly exposed to fresh air while the lungs are inside the body where the moisture levels are maintained.

The addition of the hair growing from the skin provided the means to control the body temperature even when the outside temperature was adverse, as in the wholly mammoth living the freezing environment of the north.  Reptiles cannot survive in the open with is kind of environment because they will freeze to death and there is a difference between frozen solid and hibernation.  The addition of hair provides the means to capture the heat generated from the warm blooded metabolism in the air pockets inside the hair.  In addition, the warm blooded also provided the means to retain fat to increase the insulation against the cold.  The warm blooded metabolism provided the means for man to live in almost any environment, except of course, underwater. 

Lastly, one final catastrophic event killed all of the larger critters and this was probably more along the lines of the Earth erupting from multiple locations at the same time.  There is a potential volcano under Yellowstone National Park that is estimated to be the largest potential volcano in the Americas, notice the use of the word – potential – because nothing has happened yet and fingers crossed, nothing will happen.  The Earth has a way of releasing pressure in bursts instead of a huge massive destructive burst, consider Old Faithful which has erupted about every 90 minutes for years, releasing energy in the form of a geyser, perhaps this is the volcano releasing energy in small bursts.  The funny thing is that science knows the volcano is there and has not erupted, but like so many things in science, they can’t control the problem.

After the catastrophic event eliminated all of the animals and critters, the final version was put together by the Being  and a final introduction of critters was introduced, with versions released around the world and the survival instincts resulted in other evolutionary changes for each species based on where they lived in the world.   In this version, man was included in the release once everything was done and had taken root.  It is not possible to guess if there were multiple Adam and Eve pairs placed around the world, each evolving to fit the location they were born to, there has been tons of speculation of this option but this option includes the Being and the intelligent design so it is your choice.

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