History of Earth Part 4


Now step back for a second and consider, all matter in the universe was compressed into the ball of matter just before the Big Bang so we can assume that there was no life existing at the subatomic particle level because everything is just matter and there is no life in the ball of matter.  As the blobs escape the ball and begin to expand and form atomic structures there is not a basis to believe that suddenly a life form popped out of the interaction between a couple of atoms, yes a strict assumption but medical science has proven that matter without life cannot be brought to life.  As discussed before, the science of medical transplants has searched for a way to bring tissue that once was alive and has died, back to life, and it can’t be done.  So science has developed a miracle because nothing else explains how life started on Earth.

This is the underlying restriction in the universe, there is no life to start with so there is no life as the natural connections occur because these form atoms and molecules, but this is not the basis of life.  Science, with all of the study and documentation, have no clue what life actual is or comes from.  Even with a planet that lays out like the perfect party house, there is no life and to be clear and repetitive, no life means no plants, no germs, no insects, no fish, no unicorns.  The problem is to get from a point of no life to a point where life exists everywhere on a planet.



Just for convenience, let’s assume that each of the blobs goes through a process similar to the Milky Way Galaxy so if we can paint a logical path for the Milky Way Galaxy then we can follow the same pattern for every other galaxy, or perhaps we can just follow the solar system and then apply this pattern everywhere.  Scientists are using astronomy to explore the solar systems close to us and see if they can find any other Earth type planet.  The problem is very simple, as with everything else, start with what you know and speculate from there. The combination of variables that make the Earth a viable planet for life need to be understood and from there you can remove any planets that do not have the proper combination. 

Earth works due to 1) the size and power of the Sun, and 2) the location of the Earth in rotation around the sun providing the perfect ratio of distance to proximity.  The 3) size of the Earth in contrast to the rotational speed providing 365 rotations during the completion of the orbit which establishes the proper exposure to the sun and providing an opportunity for the constant changing of the sunlight exposure.  Then there is 4) the angle of the Earth in relation to the Sun of about 23 degrees off perpendicular which produces the effect of changing weather climate patterns during the full rotation around the Sun.  Don’t forget 5) the ratios of the gasses in the atmosphere providing sufficient levels of oxygen to support life but low enough to restrict the explosive nature of a pure oxygen environment.  On top of all that, 6) the abundance of water on the planet which means, possibly, at one time the level of oxygen was higher there was no hydrogen so there was no water, but the existence of hydrogen with an infusion of oxygen caused a reaction to form water but still leave the proper level of oxygen.  Consider the results if the hydrogen had been slightly higher, leaving less than 23% free oxygen, it was almost as if someone planned it.

This is a tough list of conditions but if it happened once, through random interactions, then with the millions of other planets it could happen again - at least if depending on randomness is the choice of scientists that want to deny an Intelligent Design.  



Science has developed a theory that explains the origin of life on Earth and the theory is based on random interactions instead of anything else.  The theory proposes that various amino acids had the opportunity to randomly connect and, as a result of these random connections, the first DNA strand was developed.  Then somehow the DNA strand is wrapped in protein, forming the cell wall, and then the cell comes to life.  From this simple beginning, the life on Earth was started.  The theory is rather simple, but it was only one cell, and, thanks to evolution, that was all that was needed.  Of course, that would be a great theory if it wasn’t a fraud perpetrated by the very science that it is supposed to protect the uneducated from the lies of the elite that consider themselves more like gods instead if ordinary men that lie.

The problems with this theory and the associated nonsense of evolution problems are many and overwhelming so let’s stick to the main problems with this theory.  Acts of nature don’t happen just once and then fade away, if there are conditions for something to happen once, then when those same conditions occur in the future, the same results will occur.  This is the problem with the origin of life and evolution, it stopped when it got tired.

This is a simple statement of fact, the theory of the origin of life is fake, it is a false theory from a group of elitists that can’t do the impossible, but they can make themselves to be more important than they are.  The origin of life had nothing to do with amino acids randomly connecting together and wrapped in protein, spent the night together, forming a DNA strand.  The first and always the biggest problem is the issue of life, it does not happen by chance, it is the gift from another living being, life begets life.  This is the single biggest problem for these theories, it sounds so simple the way it is sold but it is impossible to create life in the manner described.  As discussed earlier, one of the problems with many scientific theories is the failure to stay connected to reality and existing sciences from other disciplines.  This theory violates the facts known by the medical science that has proven, without doubt, that non-living tissues cannot be brought to life through a hot tub party and a protein wrap or any other means.  Medical science knows that even when tissue has all of the needed components for life, because the tissue was alive only a short time ago but has since died, coming to life is not possible.  Medical science knows that dead or non-living tissue cannot be brought to life through any of the methods described including a hot tub frolic with an ocean vent. 

One has to wonder if the Mary Shelley novel ‘Frankenstein’ was a parody of the theory of the origin of life because Doctor Frankenstein took all of the parts needed to make a fully functional body and connected them together, not randomly but according to the plans known to doctors and surgeons, and then applied the only known power of nature from that time, lightning, to bring the connected components of previously living tissue to life.  However, as is known, Frankenstein was a work of fiction and no monster has ever come to life using this method and, according to reports of experiments from scientists, no life has ever been created in the test tube of wishful thinking.  The problem is very simple and has always been the same – life begets life.  There is no work around, you start with living tissue and give it the nutrients it needs and you can keep living tissue alive and you can go so far as to clone the living tissue into the eggs of another living being and complete the cycle and end up with a living clone.  There is no mystery here, you must start with life to end up with life and never let the life stop.

The next problem for the Origin of Life theory is the condition of the Earth at this time, based on the reviewed conditions, there is a very low level of oxygen because the atmosphere is primarily carbon dioxide and nitrogen.  Even if carbon based metabolism life form did come to life, using a miracle, then it would die because it could not breathe.  Another important point is the concept of a carbon based metabolism based life form because some have claimed that the first life form was not carbon based and they want everyone to believe that this single cell life form figured out all of the problems to convert from whatever into a carbon based metabolism and then wiped out all traces of a non-carbon based metabolism life form.

Another of the problems for the Origin of Life theory is the very real problem that there is no food because this is the first life form, so we are back to the carbon based metabolism life form using something besides a carbon based food source to survive.  Then there is the utter lack of logic in the argument, if a life form could survive on something besides carbon based food sources, why change?  And where are the children?  If a life form can survive on chemical based food sources then there is no reason to change to a carbon based metabolism.

On top of that there is the problem of carbon based food production.  We know that the world relies on photosynthesis, a chemical conversion process utilized by plants that did not exist at the time, but somehow the single cell brainless life form converted the metabolism, developed chlorophyll and converted to a process of photosynthesis, on top of the fact that one is a plant and the other is not.  What we have here is a staggering use of the miracle concept in science to pull off this nonsense.  The other part of the problem is the difference between a single cell life form, like a germ or bacteria, and a plant – they are two completely different species and life forms with just the carbon based metabolism in common.

Lastly, the biggest problem goes back to the concept of the time line and what are the conditions at the moment in time that life starts on Earth.  As has been discussed, there is no life in the universe, no life forms, no previous living creatures.  So, the only question that needs to be answered by science in the Origin of Life theory is the very simple source of the amino acids that were involved in the random connectivity party.  There had been no previous life forms and biology knows (another of those interactions with the sciences from other areas) that amino acids are the result of organic life forms and are not the result of nature so the problem is that there cannot be any amino acids to randomly interconnect to form the first DNA strand and, on top of that, protein is also the product of an organic life form not a product of nature.  Science did not take the time line into account when this theory was presented because amino acids are around and about today but science simply took the conditions of today and assumed that those same conditions existed at the point in time that they wanted to claim their party took place.   Alas, it is a lie, a fraudulent presentation by science based on the belief that it must be true because science said so, but we are back to the main problem, science has never created anything.



Now for the real jolt – life did not begin from a hot tub party in an ocean vent, it was transplanted to Earth by a Supreme Being but it was done in a very structured manner.  Stop for a second and consider the possibility, this is the only version that resolves the problems without logic gaps, but it does force us to rely on a Supreme Being that is not of this universe, because, back to the old problem, there is no life in the universe.

Here’s how it happened.  Like Johnny Appleseed, the Earth was seeded with algae and lichen (or similar plants) for two primary purposes: first, to use photosynthesis to convert the carbon dioxide to plant starches and oxygen, and, second, to break down the rocks into dust that would mix with the newly generated organic matter to form soil.  Of course, one option is that a considerable volume of plant starches were generated and settled in the low spots, covered over and compressed to form hydro carbons from the plant starches.  This is feasible because, even today, drops of hydrocarbons are being generated from previously settled and covered plant matter.  We have to assume that the huge pools of hydrocarbons are the resulting collections, drop by drop, over a billion years.

The reason this part of the explanation is so critical is because of the introduction of photosynthesis.  Science has proclaimed that the amino acids formed a DNA strand and then that single cell life form decided to develop photosynthesis, but the problem is that man with all of the scientists can’t duplicate the process, but it has been documented.  This is one of the problems with science – lots of documentation but no creation…..



This is where the issue of life comes into a priority, the first life form needs to be capable of photosynthesis.  There is no doubt that photosynthesis is the life food source for the world, everything eaten is a result of photosynthesis, even the T-Rex eats meat and what did that meat to eat become so tasty.  Life continues to exist on Earth thanks to the photosynthesis process, even with all of the hydrocarbons in the world, life would die out without plants.  The introduction of plants at this time provides the means to clear the pollution and provide a breathable atmosphere however, nothing else can survive in the low oxygen content so the plants need a run of a thousand years to start the process and infuse the rock dust with organic material to create soil.

Contrary to nonsense presented by science with the conga line of amino acids, the most likely approach would be the introduction of life from a being not of this universe.  Back to the original problem, there is no life in the universe so any life forms must come from outside of the universe.  Yes, the first response is that the only solution is a miracle, and this is true to an extent but there are no viable solutions to this problem.  As discussed already, the concept of an amino acid conga line is impossible for the four reasons discussed but most important – there had been no life on Earth so there could not be any free floating amino acids.  All of the various theories present the concept of the first life form being the single cell life form, but this is really baseless because there is no means for this organism to survive.

Of course, the first response is that this is impossible – ALIENS? EXTRA TERRESTIALS?  The problem that must be overcome for life to develop on Earth is the basic function of photosynthesis.  Ask any biologist how photosynthesis works and be prepared for a confusing discussion because this is a complex topic, science has documented how the process works but are unable to duplicate the process.  However, there are many scientists in the ‘I need a miracle group’ that believe photosynthesis was developed by these conga line single cell life forms when they got tired of eating food sources that are chemically based.  Then you are back to the problem of converting the metabolism to a carbon based while eating chemical combinations, with a little salt and ketchup.

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